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Find Lamp by Pin Connection

There are a number of different Pin configuarations/connections in the Market. We have all the popular pin types available:

  • 4 Pin Even - Generic pin type used by the majority of UV Manufacturers
  • Viqua Pin - 4 pin 2-1-1 staggered connection used by Viqua and Sterilight (Formerly R-Can) Systems
  • Polaris Pin - 4 Pin 2-2 connection used by Polaris and PureZone Systems
  • Davey Steriflo Aquashield Pin¬† - A lead connection which clips into the ballast
  • Viqua Trojan UVMax - 4 Pin even with Large Black plastic end.
  • Viqua UVMaxPro¬† - 2 Pin 3 Point Star Connection used in the larger Viqua UVMax Pro Systrems
  • Luminor/Aqua Filter - 4 Pin 2-2 connection used in Luminor and Aqua Filter Systems
  • Splenvue Pin - 4 Pin 2-2 connection used in Splenvue Systems¬†