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Fridge Filters

We stock the EcoAqua Brand of Fridge Filters. EcoAqua fridge filters are inexpensive, quality replacement filters made for every major brand of refrigerator.  They are NSF certified to ensure the highest manufacture & testing standards are applied. 

How to choose your EcoAqua brand filter:

The list below shows the fridge type and its most popular filters, along with the EcoAqua equivalent. 

  • Samsung Fridge Filters: DA29-00003G/F (EFF-6011A), DA29-00020B (EFF-6027A), DA29-00012A.B (EFF-6006A)
  • Fisher & Paykel Fridge Filters: 836848 (EFF-6017A)
  • LG Fridge Filters: LT700P (EFF-6032A), M7251253FR-06 (EFF-6028A), 5231JA2006A (EFF-6003A), 5231JA2002A (EFF-6005A)
  • Whirlpool Fridge Filters: 4396508 (EFF-6002A), 4396841 (EFF-6008A)
  • Maytag/Amana/Jennair Fridge Filters: UKF7003AXX (EFF-6014A), UKF8001 (EFF-6007A)
  • Bosch Fridge Filters: 9000-077104 (EFF-6025A), CS-52 (EFF-6026B)
  • GE Fridge Filters: GSWF (EFF-6023A), MSWF (EFF-6022A), MWF (EFF-6013A)
  • Westinghouse Filters: WF1CB (WF1CB-EFF)