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String Wound

String Wound Cartridges are a cost effective solution for the reduction of sand, silt, rust, dirt and scale particles. Made from 100% Polypropylene cord, these cartridges can withstand temperatures of up to 74oC. String Wound Cartridges are suitable for a variety of applications including residential and commercial applications using both municipal and well water. Different wound patterns for different micron ratings ensure that you are getting the right product for the right application.

There are 5 Categories in the String Wound Series, and with those are a number of different micron ratings from 0.5 micron thru to 50 micron.

  1. 10" Standard (10" High / 2.5" OD)
  2. 20" Standard (20" High / 2.5" OD)
  3. 40" Standard (20" High / 2.5" OD)
  4. 10" Jumbo (10" High / 4.5" OD)
  5. 20" Jumbo (20" High / 4.5" OD)